This policy mainly applies to Rollbacks, Admins, and Chat Moderators, but in some cases might also apply to normal users.

While assuming good faith is a fundamental principle on Wikia, it does generally not help you get over your anger at someone's, in your opinion, disturbing edits. Therefore, it is much more satisfying to also assume stupidity. Assuming that people are stupid helps you in several ways:

  • You are obviously more intelligent than the user you are in a conflict with, which gives a great boost in self-confidence.
  • You do not have to feel sorry for reverting their edits, as they probably are too stupid to notice it anyway.
  • If they do notice it, they are probably too stupid to know how to quickly revert back to their version again.

Wikia is the place where people that are not good enough writers to be paid to write books or news articles go to edit articles that other people will read anyway. If that is not enough, these people actually believe that they will be able to create an article that is better than all other articles, even those written by people that get paid for it. Stupid, is it not? And since you are actually reading this, which for 99% of you implies that you actually contribute to Wikia, people are probably already assuming stupidity on your part. You are just too stupid to notice it.


  • Vanellope von Schweetz assumes stupidity of others frequently. It works :)
  • The policy above may be used In Real Life
  • PrincessLunaMoonDancerNinja78, Vanellope von Schweetz, and the rest of PLMDN78W staff are not responsible for bans resulting in assuming ChatMods, Rollbacks, or Admins Stupid in public
  • Have any complaints about this? Tell us. But expect we assume you are stupid :)

Very small Letters of the contract

Don't take this policy TOO seriously. Yes, it may be used, But it is not an official rule either of Wikia, or of PLMDN78W itself.